My Background

Personal and professional experiences have shaped me into the multi-tooled marketer I am today.
Learn how and where I've grown below.

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Established in January 2019, I started Mountains Wave Marketing as a passion project that allowed me to spend more time on my favorite parts of marketing. In March of 2020, my passion project blossomed into the full-time, general focused marketing agency it is today, offering businesses of all sizes the marketing services they need. Mountains Wave is based on three core marketing models - MOVE, LAUNCH, and GROW.
As you read about my experience below, you'll come to learn that the unique blend of skills, traits, and technologies learned throughout my career has crafted the toolkit I use daily to educate my clients and ensure that we are succeeding together.




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SF Tech

During the six years I spent in San Francisco's start-up community,  I worked in telecom and finance technologies. While helping each company flourish, I had the privilege to grow my own skills as a storyteller, brand strategist, growth marketer, customer advocate, product launch pro, and user experience specialist. Each hat required a different set of skills and tools giving me the opportunity to learn and work with a number of different CRMs, Office Suites, Email Marketing Tools, Advertising Platforms, Learning Management Softwares, Social Media Platforms, Creative Suites, and Website Design Platforms. In addition to pure digital marketing, I gained expertise in direct consumer marketing, guerilla marketing, event marketing, and sales enablement/nurturing.




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The service-centric mindset is a tell-true sign of a hospitality professional and has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It played a key role in my early-life and collegiate years and has guided my career and professional style since that time.


After graduating from Cal State Long Beach in 2010 with a degree in the business of hospitality, I spent five years focused on deeply understanding all aspects of the hotel and foodservice industry from the managerial and leadership standpoints. Those experiences gave me the opportunity to wear a number of operation hats, building an appreciation for those roles, before landing on the sales and marketing floor where I realized my career calling as a marketer.


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