Move Mountains    Make Waves

Partnering with passionate, enthusiastic entrepreneurs to tell their stories.

Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned business leader, I'll focus on your vision, telling your story through a blend of conscious design, tangible branding, and genuine marketing. 

Hi, I'm Alex.

Hi, I'm Alex.

I started Mountains Wave Marketing as a passion project that allowed me to spend more time on my favorite parts of marketing - working directly with active, healthy, environment-friendly brands that are excited to take the next step with their business.

I'm passionate about connecting talented people to create, inspire, and work better together. 

What's your goal?


Whether it’s been five years or five months since your last update, this simple program for refreshing your brand will leave your business with a renewed outlook, fresh value proposition, digital strategy, and customer experience.


It's your vision.  Work with Mountains Wave to make it a reality. The go-to-market program combines equal parts business coaching and brand development with digital marketing to take your business from zero to one. 


Completely customizable solutions to fit your business needs. From customer experience to brand-based design. Sales development to marketing automation. Mountains Wave is dedicated to helping meet your business goals.

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About our FRIENDS

About our FRIENDS

Mountains Wave would be nowhere if it weren't for our FRIENDS Collective - a network of creatives, artists, influencers, and yes... friends. Through this collective, I can provide clients access to the best talent for marketing and marketing adjacent services.  



From humble beginnings, a service-centric business model, and the perma-stoke of Alex, the founder, a company was born. Mountains Wave Marketing is a firm that works with passionate business owners to move mountains and make waves.